Content Types

Content Types

How Sitecore Supports Content Types

  • Sitecore supports simple text in many different fields
    • Single-line Text field
    • Multi-line Text field
    • Numeric field
    • Droplist and Grouped Droplist field
  • Sitecore supports text with markup in Rich Text fields
  • Sitecore supports links with multiple fields*
    • General Link field
    • Droplink and Grouped Droplink field
    • Treelist and TreelistEx fields
    • Multilist field
  • Sitecore supports images and other displayable media in Image fields*
  • Sitecore supports pdfs and other downloadable media in File fields
  • Sitecore supports dates in Date fields

* Links and Images are also supported by Rich Text fields

How Sitecore Stores Data

  • Sitecore stores content, metadata and other data in databases
  • Sitecore can store displayable and downloadable media in the file system or in databases