Content Validation

Content Validation

Content Validation

  • Sitecore displays a warning for issues related to accessibility or HTML formatting

Sitecore Validation Functionality

  • The Quick Action bar can be set up to display validation errors on items
  • The Validation Bar displays errors and warnings when they exist
  • A red colored bar appears next to fields with errors in the Content Editor
  • The Validation command in the Review tab can be used to view a detailed list of errors
  • The Suggest Fix option can be used to attempt corrections of errors
  • You can manually edit the HTML

Validation Types

  • Data template field validates the contents of each field in each data template
  • Field type validates the contents of each of the different field types
  • Item validation validates individual items
  • Standard validation applies to all the items of a data template

Sitecore Item Validators

  • Broken Links – Verifies the item does not contain broken links
  • Duplicate Name - Verifies that the item name is unique among its siblings
  • Full Page XHtml – Verifies the entire page is valid when compared with its XHTML schema
  • Media Size Too Big – Verifies that the size of media items will not prevent them from being loaded into memory or stored in the database
  • Url Characters - Verifies whether an item name contains characters that must be escaped in URLs