Icon Sets

Icon Sets

Why are icons used in Sitecore?

  • Icons are small graphics used to visually distinguish items, types of items, and data template sections in the Content Tree
    • Icons help business users quickly locate items in the Content Tree
    • Icons also help developers to differentiate items and base templates from one another
  • Icons are assigned to templates, not template standard values (TSV)
  • Icons can and should also be assigned to data template sections
    • The same icon can be assigned to the section of a template and the template itself when the template has only one section
    • Icons assigned to sections help users quickly identify collapsed sections in the Details Pane of the Content Editor

Where does Sitecore store its icon library?

  • By default, icons are stored in zip files and extracted for display when you click "more icons"
  • The names of the zip files correspond to the categories that are displayed when you assign icons to templates
  • The folder location of the zip files is <websiteName>/website/sitecore/shell/themes/standard
  • Sitecore interprets relative icon paths as relative to the "/sitecore/shell/themes/standard" directory
  • You can add and remove icons from these files by unzipping them, adding the new icons and removing the unwanted icons, and then rezipping them

Does Sitecore support unzipped icon files?

  • The zipped icon files can be extracted and used unzipped
  • Web.config contains a setting that indicates whether icons are stored in zip files
  • The default value of the Icons.UseZippedIcons setting is "true"
  • If this setting is set to false, all icons must be extracted and stored in folders below "/sitecore/shell/themes/standard"
  • <configuration>
    • <sitecore>
      • <settings>
        • <setting name="Icons.UseZippedIcons" value="true" />