Sitecore Introduction

Sitecore Introduction

Sitecore Introduction

  • Sitecore is a software program that runs on an IIS web server
  • Content and other data are stored in a SQL or Oracle relational database
  • Code files are stored on a file system
  • Media is normally stored in the database but can be stored on the file system
  • Pages are generated dynamically at the time of the HTTP request
  • Users are assigned to various roles that provide access to the information and organization of the site
  • Content is approved for publishing to a larger audience or the Internet through customizable workflows
  • Any number of sites can be supported by one Sitecore instance

Sitecore Sites

  • All content is stored using Sitecore items
  • The structure of the content is displayed using fields, such as title and body
  • Data templates specify the fields and field types for types of items
  • Fields facilitate content creation, maintenance and reuse
  • Navigation links can be dynamically generated from general fields associated with various items
  • Additional views can be generated for print, tablets, phones and other devices

Sitecore User Interface (UI) Login

Sitecore Content Authors Cookbook

  • Provides Content Authors with information on how to use Sitecore to perform routine work
  • Explains how to perform tasks with the Sitecore Page Editor and Content Editor tools
  • Can be obtained for your version of Sitecore from the Documentation section of