HTML Editor Profiles

HTML Editor Profiles

HTML Editor Profiles

  • A set of configuration items that determine the features available for Rich Text Editor fields
  • Primarily used to control toolbar display for the Rich Text Editor (RTE)
  • Stored under \system\Settings\HTML Editor Profiles in the Core database
  • Different profiles can be configured for specific RTE fields, but this is not recommended because it creates inconsistency of toolbar button displays across the site

Predefined HTML Editor Profiles

  • Default
  • Full
  • IDE
  • Medium

Default Profile Toolbar Buttons

  • Insert a Link is used to insert an internal link in the rich text field
  • Insert Media is used to insert images in the rich text field
  • Hyperlink Manager is used to create internal, external, and email links
  • Insert Symbol is used to insert copyright notice and other common symbols
  • Undo is used to reverse up to 9 of the last actions
  • Redo is used to reverse the undo
  • Find and Replace is used to search the rich text field and replace text

HTML Editor Profiles Guidelines

  • Do not set the source property of an individual Rich Text field to an HTML Editor Profile in the core database unless you need the rich text editor to display a unique set of tools for just that one field
  • Check the web.config setting HtmlEditor.DefaultProfile to see or change the HTML Editor Profile used across the site unless a Rich Text field has a source property configured for it

HTML Editor Profiles Configuration

Use the following steps to standardize Rich Text toolbars across the site rather than adding a path to different HTML Editor Profiles in the Source property of various individual Rich Text fields

  1. Go to \system\Settings\HTML Editor Profiles in the Core database
  2. Rename the existing Rich Text Default Profile to Rich Text Default Original
  3. Duplicate the Rich Text Medium Profile To Rich Text Default