Locking Items

Locking Items


  • The property of an item that prevents multiple users from updating a single item simultaneously
  • Do not prevent publication
  • Locked, Editing, and Checked Out are synonyms
  • Unlocked, Not Editing, and Checked In are synonyms

Locking Items

  • Users lock an item to prevent other users from making changes to the same item
  • Locks are applied to items, not fields
  • Users can lock an item before they start to edit it when they work in the Page Editor
  • Users must lock an item before they can edit it when they work in the Content Editor
  • Locking a version of an item that is in a final workflow state creates a new version of the item and places the new version in the initial workflow state of the workflow assigned as the initial workflow for that type of item

Locked Items

  • Prevents other users (except admins) from editing the item
  • Does not prevent item from being viewed by other users
  • Does not prevent item from being published
  • Users should unlock items when done editing so other users can edit
  • Users can view an item that is locked by another user but they cannot edit it
  • There is no list of all locked items by all users on the system

Locks Terminology

  • Check Out means to lock an item
  • Check In means to unlock an item

Ribbon Locks Display

  • Edit command on Home Tab and Edit command on Review tab can be used to lock items
  • Edit command on Home tab turns orange when locked item is selected in Content Tree
  • My Items in Locks group on Review tab displays all items locked by user

Quick Action Bar Locks Display

  • Lock icon appears next to item if locked items are set to be shown
  • Click lock icon to unlock item locked by you