PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint Slides

Displaying PowerPoint on Sitecore Sites

  • Web browsers do not understand PowerPoint
  • Sitecore CMS does not provide support for MS PowerPoint documents out of the box

Options for Displaying PowerPoint in Sitecore

  • Upload the PowerPoint file to YouTube and display the YouTube video in a Rich Text field using an iFrame
  • Convert the PowerPoint file to PDF format and provide a link to download it
  • Convert the PowerPoint file to the HTML format using OpenOffice
  • Use a PowerPoint to Flash converter to convert the PowerPoint presentation to Flash
    • A free PowerPoint to Flash converter is available at AuthorPoint
  • Upload the PowerPoint file to SlideShare and make use of their players
  • Upload the PowerPoint file to SkyDrive, make it public, and embed it in your web site
    • Visitors are taken directly to your presentation when they click the link 
    • SkyDrive contains a free PowerPoint web app for visitors who don't have PowerPoint
    • SkyDrive displays presentations inside a web browser without requiring installing MS PowerPoint