Video Conversion

Video Conversion

Digital Transcoding

  • The direct digital-to-digital data conversion of one encoding to another
  • Used for both video media files and audio files
  • Usually done to convert from one digital media format to another
    • The target device does not support the existing media format
    • Limited storage capacity mandates a reduced file size
    • Incompatible or obsolete formats are upgraded to a better-supported or modern format
  • The H.264/AAC in an MP4 container is a common target format for distribution to customers over the Internet

Digital Transcoding Process

  • Media tracks are extracted from an existing digital media container
  • The tracks are decoded
  • Noise and other unnecessary information is removed
  • The tracks are encoded in the new format
  • The tracks are multiplexed onto a new media container

Digital Transcoding Guidelines

  • Transcoding always lowers quality
  • Transcoding can take a long time, depending on formats and settings
  • The newest formats and codecs are not always the best choice
  • Transcode for your intended audience and their decoding ability (e.g. phones)

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