Publishing Items

Publishing Items


  • An operation which copies publishable items from a master database to one or more publishing target databases
  • Publishable items are items that are not in workflow states and are not configured as Unpublishable
  • Unpublished items are located in the master database
  • Published items are located in the web database

Publishable Items

  • Items in workflfow must be in the final state to be publishable
  • Items can have publishing restrictions configured which makes them not publishable

Publishing Items

  • Copies publishable content from master database to web database
  • Contains option to also publish subitems
  • Removes Expired and Deleted items
  • Available from Publish command on Publish tab of Content Editor ribbon

Item Publishing Types

  • Smart publishes publishable differences between source (master) and target (web) databases
  • Republish publishes entire set of selected publishable content on source (master) database

Reverse Content Promotion

  • Typically used to update development machines with content updates on Content Management (CM) server
  • Create package on CM server and install it on development machines