Desktop Recording

Desktop Recording

Desktop Recording Guidelines

  • Use a video recording product like Camtasia that supports editing desktop recordings
  • Clean up your desktop before recording by removing icons and distracting wallpaper
  • Write a script so that the presenter stays on topic and avoids "ums"
    • Download a sample script from here
    • Use your script to do a practice run-through of your recording
  • Use a decent USB microphone in a quiet setting to get the best possible audio
  • Use MP4 format and H.264 compression with AAC audio for best results
    • MP4 videos will revert to playing in HTML5 on iPads and iPhones where Flash isn't supported
    • Audio and Video tracks should begin and end at exactly the same time

Desktop Video Dimensions

  • Standard
    • Uses a 4:3 aspect ratio
    • Anything over 1024 pixels in width may be wider than viewers can fit on their screen
  • High Definition (Wide)
    • Videos uploaded to YouTube with a 16:9 aspect ratio will fit the player perfectly

Using Camtasia for Desktop Recording

  • The .camrec file is the raw video recording that is referenced but not directly edited
    • Supports SmartFocus,  the automatic zooming and panning for better display on mobile devices
  • The .camproj file is what is used to work on the project because it contains all edits
    • References the .camrec and all other media in the project

Camtasia Video Project Guidelines

  • Use the same name for the video recording (.camrec) file and for the project file (.camproj)
  • Use a separate file folder for each project so that all project media and files are stored together
    • Image files
    • Audio files
    • Video files
    • Project files
  • Use the latest version of Camtasia, which is 8.0.3 at the time this page was created
  • Set your Embed size to be the same or smaller than your Video recording size
  • Set the Frame rate option to Automatic so Camtasia determines the optimum frames per second
  • Set the video encoding mode to Quality at 70%
  • Set the bitrate for encoding Audio between 96 and 128 for best audio