About Us

The Inside Corner, Inc.

The Inside Corner, Inc. is web development firm that specializes in helping organizations succeed with Sitecore CMS websites. They provide discovery, architecture, development, maintenance and mentoring services for highly-customized Sitecore solutions. They collaborate with in-house teams and digital agencies to create, extend and/or upgrade Sitecore sites. A deep understanding of Sitecore best practices enables them to offer innovative Sitecore solutions. They foster solid partnerships that result in flexible onshore and near-shore engagement models. Their client-friendly engagement models are supported by their adaptability and cost efficient operations. Let them partner with you to develop a large, user-friendly and accessible web presence using Sitecore.

Craig Nelson is the US point of contact for teams of near-shore developers that he mentors and manages on Sitecore projects. We work together to help our clients achieve their goals with Sitecore in a cost efficient way. We work with corporate and non-profit institutions that want to create a new Sitecore site or need help maintaining an existing site. We foster solid partnerships that result in flexible engagement models. Cell (707) 319-7446; Email craig[at]ticdevs.com.

Nearshore Partners


  • Sitecore, Umbraco and Kentico
  • C# ASP.NET and MVC
  • JavaScript and jQuery
  • HTML5 and CSS
  • SQL Server
  • GIT source control
  • CCNET continuous integration
  • Assembla for tickets and tracking issues
  • Marketo and Eloqua integration


  • Provide architecture, development, operational support and management for new CMS projects and for upgrades to existing CMS sites
  • Perform architectural reviews and consultations for existing CMS projects
  • Provide CMS developer resources for peak loads
  • Work with onshore and near-shore developer teams to develop and maintain engaging CMS sites


  • Creating well-architected Sitecore, Umbraco and Kentico sites
  • Migrating sites to Sitecore, Umbraco or Kentico from other platforms
  • Adding sites to your existing Sitecore, Umbraco or Kentico installation
  • Setting up source control and continuous integration for your site
  • Upgrading your site from web forms to MVC
  • Performing architectural reviews of your site design
  • Redesigning existing Sitecore, Umbraco or Kentico sites and implementing the new design
  • Using Eloqua and Marketo automated marketing with CMSes
  • Implementing the Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS)
  • Using open source and shared source modules to add capabilities to your site
  • Performing Sitecore, Umbraco or Kentico upgrades to add new features
  • Performing backups and maintenance routines for the health of your site
  • Maintaining documentation of your site on a ticketing system
  • Improving site performance and rankings on SERPs