Provider Model

Provider Model

Provider Model

  • A template model introduced by Microsoft to simplify developer customization in applications
  • A design pattern used in the ASP.NET Starter Kits and formalized in .NET version 2.0
  • Used to allow an application to choose from one of multiple implementations in the application configuration

Provider Model Implementation Examples

  • Provide access to different data stores to retrieve login information
  • Provide access to different storage methodologies such as a database, binary to disk, XML, etc.


  • A subclass of the ProviderBase class
  • Instantiated using a factory method

ASP.NET Providers

  • Membership Providers
  • Role Providers
  • Site Map Providers
  • Session State Providers
  • Profile Providers
  • Web Event Providers
  • Web Parts Personalization Providers
  • Custom Provider-Based Services
  • Hands-on Custom Providers