Sitecore Search

Sitecore Search

Index Files

  • Physical files that store data for indexing and searching content on the web site
    • Provide a searchable database of documents that link to Sitecore content items
    • Provide the interface to Lucene Search
  • Stored in one of four index folders under $(dataFolder)/indexes
    • _system
    • core
    • master
    • web
  • Index values are set in the web.config file

Sitecore Search Indexes

  • Sitecore maintains indexes by scanning items in the Sitecore databases
  • Sitecore runs a job that updates the indexes every time an item is updated, created or deleted

Sitecore UI Search Options

  • The Quick Search box above the Content Tree in the Content Editor
  • The Progressive Search box at the bottom right of the Sitecore Desktop
  • The Classic Search box on the Sitecore Start Menu and in the Navigate tab