Context Menus

Context Menus

Floating Toolbar Commands

  • The definition for the Page Editor toolbars is located in the Core database
  • The path is /Sitecore/Content/Applications/WebEdit/Default Rendering Buttons
  • Copy an existing item of type Edit Frame Button Folder to create a custom Floating Toolbar
  • Copy an existing item of type WebEdit Button to create a new Toolbar Button
  • /sitecore/content/Applications/WebEdit/Custom Experience Buttons contains WebEdit Button items useful for custom toolbars

Floating Toolbar WebEdit Button Fields

  • Header is used to specify a label for the command in the ribbon
  • Icon is used to display a small graphic for the command in the ribbon
  • Click is used to map the command to a class through the commands.config file
  • Tooltip is used to display a short description when a user points at the command
  • Parameters is used to pass parameters to a method in the class referenced by the commands.config file

Floating Toolbar Guidelines

  • Add only relevant buttons to a floating toolbar
  • Help authors distinguish between editing an item and the control rendering it
  • Display appropriate toolbar buttons for controls that support an alternate datasource
    • Edit the item
    • Edit item properties, including setting a datasource
    • Publish the item
  • Use rendering commands instead of edit frames
  • Provide options for authors so they do not have to leave the Page Editor or split the screen with the Content Editor to edit metadata fields