301 Redirect Module

301 Redirect Module

The 301 Redirect Module

  • Sitecore Shared Source module that uses items to specify what redirects are in place
  • Automatically sends a HTTP 301 response that the item has been permanently moved

301 Redirect Module Features

  • Redirects are items in the Content Tree
    • Redirects can be added to workflows
    • Redirects can be published and unpublished
  • Supports regular expressions for pattern matching of URLs

301 Redirect Module URL Matching

  • Supports exact matching for individual pages
    • Specify the incoming URL
    • Specify the item to be displayed
  • Supports rule-based matching
    • Uses .NET framework regular expression syntax to match requests
    • Useful for redirecting large number of pages with a single rule

301 Redirect Module Limitations

  • Redirects do not work when dashes in URLs correspond to spaces in item names
  • Only acts on items that do not exist in the Content Tree for performance optimization
  • Does not  support external links
  • Business Users can not add, edit and remove redirect rules because the redirect items are stored in the /System/Modules portion of the Content Tree that business users don’t access

301 Redirect Module Guidelines

  • A Redirect Module folder is added under System/Modules in the Content Tree
  • Create a folder hierarchy under it to store your exact matches and patterns for rules
    • Folder structure is only used to organize redirects and aliases
    • Folder structure is not used to resolve items

Enhancements to 301 Redirect Module by Igloo Digital 

  • Redirects work when dashes in URLs correspond to spaces in item names
  • Supports case insensitivity when matching URLs
  • Enables admins to specify redirects for a small set of existing content items