Control Properties

Control Properties


  • A general term that refers to sublayouts, XSLT renderings, Web Controls, and other rendering types
  • Refers to any type of presentation component that can be added to a layout or sublayout

Control Properties

  • Based on System/Layout/Rendering Parameters/Standard Rendering Parameters
  • Can be extended by implementing these steps:
    • Create new template and assign Standard Rendering Parameters template as base template
    • Specify the new template in the Parameters Template field in the Editor Options section of the Presentation Component Definition item

General Properties

  • Placeholder property used to assign key for dynamic binding to placeholder
  • Data Source property used to override the current context item with the Data Source item, so the control becomes more flexible and reusable


  • Used to configure additional name value pairs

Test Lab

  • Used to configure multivariate testing on control so presentation is varied