Active Directory

Active Directory

Active Directory Integration

  • AD domain users and groups can be integrated with Sitecore as Sitecore users and Sitecore roles immediately after the installation and configuration of the Active Directory Module
  • Connection strings used to connect to the Active Directory are in LDAP FQDN form

Live Mode

  • Any changes made in Sitecore CMS to the Active Directory users are done in the LIVE mode
  • Changes are applied immediately to the real Active Directory objects
  • The only exception is a user lock-out, in this case the users are locked out locally for Sitecore CMS and remain active in the Active Directory domain

Active Directory Debug Mode

  • A special mode when more detailed information is written to the log and displayed on the login page
  • To enable, set the LDAP.Debug setting in /App_Config/Include/ldap.config to true

Active Directory Required Ports

  • Open TCP/UDP 389 for client communications
  • Open TCP/UDP 445 for Microsoft SMB/CIFS port

Troubleshooting AD Integration

  • The AD Module provides a special status page at /sitecore/admin/ProviderStatus.aspx
  • The AD Module cache settings are defined in the App_Config/include/ldap.config file

Configuration Settings


<add name="ManagersConnString" connectionString="LDAP://,DC=testdomain,DC=sitecore,DC=net" />