Install Settings

Install Settings

Installation Logs

  • Run Setup.exe /log log.txt to generate an installation log file with name log.txt
  • Log file is created in the same folder as the location of the setup.exe file
  • Log file is recreated during each installation
  • Run Setup.exe /V /log log.txt to enable verbose logging

Logfile Guidelines

  • Copy log file immediately after an unsuccessful installation so the data is not lost when the log is overwritten on the next installation
  • Run the installation program with the /V switch to enable verbose logging when the installation program fails before you click Install in the “Ready to Install” dialog box
  • Generate a log file and send it as a compressed file when contacting Sitecore Support for help with installation issues

Install Settings C# Web Control Code

Sitecore.Data.Items.Item item = Sitecore.Context.Item;
if (item == null) return;

output.AddAttribute(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriterAttribute.Style, "font-weight:bold; width:100%; clear:both");
output.Write("C# Web Control Real-time Output");

output.AddAttribute(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriterAttribute.Style, "font-size:x-small; width:100%; clear:both");
output.AddAttribute(System.Web.UI.HtmlTextWriterAttribute.Style, "font-weight:bold");
//using : for colon and   for space
output.Write("{0}: {1}", "Item", item.DisplayName);
output.RenderEndTag(); //P

string historyFolder = Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Install.HistoryFolder;
string removeTransactionFolder = Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Install.RemoveTransactionFolder.ToString();
string transactionsRoot = Sitecore.Configuration.Settings.Install.TransactionsRoot;

output.Write("{0}&#58;&#160;{1}", "History Folder", "<b>" + historyFolder + "</b><br/>");
output.Write("{0}&#58;&#160;{1}", "Remove Transaction Folder", "<b>" + removeTransactionFolder + "</b><br/>");
output.Write("{0}&#58;&#160;{1}", "Transaction Root", "<b>" + transactionsRoot + "</b>");

output.RenderEndTag(); //Div

Install Settings C# Web Control Output

History Folder: installation_history
Remove Transaction Folder: False
Transaction Root: install