Support Portal

Support Portal

Sitecore Support Portal

  • Used to submit support tickets to Sitecore Support
  • Located at
  • Available only to Sitecore Certified Developers
  • Requires entering a valid Sitecore License ID to create or modify support tickets
    • Sitecore customers enter the License ID that is used for the affected project
    • Sitecore partners filing support tickets related to a customer project enter the customer's License ID for the affected project
    • Sitecore partners filing support tickets for their own internal needs enter their partner License ID
  • Please contact your regional Sitecore representative for related questions

Sitecore Support States

  • New - The initial state of the issue
  • In Progress - A dedicated Sitecore Customer Service Representative has been assigned to the issue
    • You can expect to receive a response
    • An email notification is sent to the originator every time the issue is updated
  • Updated - A Sitecore Customer Service Representative has updated the issue
    • Please see the issue description field for details
    • Sitecore Support may have requested additional information
    • A possible solution to your issue may have been provided
    • If you edit an issue in this state, the issue is moved automatically to the 'In Progress' state within a couple of minutes
  • Closed - The issue can no longer be edited
    • To reopen a closed issue, create a new issue and include the ID of the old issue
    • Issues are automatically closed when inactive in the 'Updated' state for 3 weeks
    • Sitecore Support sends an email reminder to provide additional time to respond