Rocks Installation

Rocks Installation

Sitecore Rocks

  • An extension to Visual Studio  that helps maximize developer productivity
  • Distributed as a Visual Studio Extension
  • Only works with Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions
  • Not supported on Visual Studio Express editions

Visual Studio Extensions

  • The unit of deployment for Visual Studio 2010 Extensions is the .vsix file
  • A .vsix file is a zip file that uses the Open Packaging Convention
  • Rename the .vsix extension to .zip to browse its contents with a zip browser
  • Visual Studio will recognize the .vsix extension and install the contents of the file to the right location when the file is run

Sitecore Rocks Sites

Sitecore Rocks Installation Options

  • Use Visual Studio Extension Manager
    • Open Tools =>Extension Manager in Visual Studio and click the Online Gallery tab
    • Type Sitecore Rocks in the search box and wait for Sitecore Rocks to appear
    • Click Download and follow the installation instructions
  • Download the .vsix file