Rocks Synchronization

Rocks Synchronization

Rocks Synchronization with Sitecore

  • Linking a Sitecore Rocks connection to a Visual Studio project
  • Creates a .csproj.sitecore file in the same subdirectory as the existing .csproj file
  • The .csproj.sitecore file maintains information about the connection and a mapping between files and definition items

Rocks Synchronization Setup

  • Right-click the Sitecore project in Solution Explorer
  • Select  Sitecore => Connect
  • Select the previously created connection in the Connections field of the Project Settings dialog
  • Click OK

Implementing Rocks Synchronization

  • Create a user control in Visual Studio for your Sitecore project 
  • Right-click on the new user control
  • Select Sitecore => Create Items from Files
  • Review the information and click OK