Page Editor Overview

Page Editor Overview

Page Editor Features

  • Friendly interface allows users to edit text directly on the page, known as inline editing
  • Used by content authors to create, edit, and delete items
  • Highlights editable content as business user moves mouse across the page
  • Supports editing rich text fields using a Rich Text editor or Word environment
  • Used by web designers to add and remove presentation controls
  • Users can drag-and-drop media items

Page Editor Security

  • Page Editor can display different functionality to different users
  • Security roles determine the functionality available to the user

Page Editor Edit Mode

  • A box appears around editable content when users move the mouse over it
  • Editing options are displayed at the bottom of the box

Sitecore Page Editor Guidelines

  • Enable and configure the Page Editor for non-technical users
  • Configure placeholder settings so that users are able to add the right components to the page in the Page Editor
  • Use EditFrames to enable editing for fields that are not natively supported by the Page Editor
  • Test your CSS classes in the PageEditor also