Redirect Manager

Redirect Manager

The Redirect Manager Module

  • Provides 301 redirects for content items when the destination is an item in the Content Tree
  • Simple to use because it supports the Sitecore User Interface tools

Redirect Manager Features

  • Business Users can add, edit and remove redirect rules without developers
    • Adds a Redirect command to the URL group on the Presentation tab of the ribbon
    • Adds "Assign URL Redirect" to the top of the Content Tree shortcut menu
  • Adds warnings to the top of the Edit Pane in the Content Editor
    • Primary Link
    • URLs that redirect here
    • Aliases
  • Automatically generates 301 records for previously published items that are moved or renamed
  • Supports 100k+ redirect records

Redirect Manager Module Guidelines

  • Installation requires the creation and management of another SQL database to store redirect data
  • Host the redirect DB in the live environment, and connect to it from the CM environment

Redirect Manager Module Limitations

  • Does not support external links
  • Does not support regular expressions for pattern matching of URLs
  • Does not support query strings at all because the module ignores everything other than the request path