Sitecore Redirect Manager

Sitecore Redirect Manager

The Sitecore Redirect Manager Module

  • Used to maintain search rankings for site pages that were replaced, moved or removed
  • All redirects are located in one place like Sitecore Aliases
  • Redirects can be created for site sections that contain thousands of pages
  • Simple to use because it supports the Sitecore User Interface tools

Sitecore Redirect Manager Module Guidelines

  • Assign the application pool to .NET 4.0
  • Redirects only work when items to be redirected don't exist or are unpublished
  • Install on Sitecore 6.5 - Sitecore is restarted after the installation
  • Keep number of redirects under 10k for best performance

Sitecore Redirect Manager Features

  • Business Users can add, edit and remove redirect rules without developers
  • Redirects are items in the Content Tree
    • Redirects can be added to workflows
    • Redirects can be published and unpublished
  • Redirects rely on URLs so items can be redirected without knowing their template
  • Supports redirects to external links

Sitecore Redirect Manager Redirects

  • Three types of redirects supported
    • Redirect from one item to another item
    • Redirect all items in a section to one item
    • Redirect all items in a section to another section

Sitecore Redirect Manager Module Limitations

  • Does not support regular expressions for pattern matching of URLs