Coveo Enterprise Search

Coveo Enterprise Search

Faceted Search

  • A search that uses one or more content attributes to refine or filter search results
    • Content type
    • Product or service line
    • Department or function
    • Topic
    • Any other taxonomic classifications
  • Search criteria can specify one or more facets of the content combined in any order

Faceted Browse

  • An implementation of facets that allows visitors to dynamically restrict, filter, or limit search results
  • Visitors select values from each of multiple facets that are displayed
    • Initial Search Results are displayed in the main screen area
    • Names of values are displayed under named facets in the left-hand margin
  • The visitor browses the displayed facets and the displayed names of values within each facet
    • Facets may need to be expanded to display all values under each facet
    • There may be scroll bars for facets that contain many values

Coveo Faceted Enterprise Search

  • Provides personalized, relevant conversational-type searches for visitors
  • Visitors are presented with related contextual content without having to create the links
  • Can be set up to include relevant information mashups from other corporate systems
Exchange SharePoint
Intranet Social
Lithium Others
  • Provides reusable and extensible user controls for extensive customization
  • Security trimming means that search results do not display if the user does not have read access
  • Provides data about visitor search behavior, top queries and unsuccessful queries
  • Automatically correlate site content to relevant content based on similar themes and attributes.
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