Norman Furniture

Norman Furniture

Norman Furniture

  • A sample Sitecore site designed to illustrate the features of Sitecore Intranet Portal (SIP)
  • Sitecore runs in Live Mode

Norman Furniture Features

  • The front page can be customized using Web Parts
  • Web parts can be added from a shared catalog
  • The File Drop Area field uses WebDAV to support drag-and-drop
  • The Personal Area is where Intranet Users customize their Intranet experience

Draft Workflow

  • The workflow implemented in the Norman Furniture site
  • Contains two states (one is initial and one is final), two commands, and two actions
  • New items are placed in the workflow and a new version is created when an existing published item is edited
  • Edited items are in Draft mode and must be published before they are visible on the site

Localized Placeholders

  • Webcontrols used on the Norman Furniture site instead of the normal Sitecore Placeholder webcontrol
  • Allows for dynamically inserted controls to override the language for displayed content
  • The sequence for resolving languages in the menu area is:
    1. User selected content language as defined by the Content Language control
    2. User preferred language as defined in the User Profile
    3. Corporate language as defined on the Settings item at /Intranet/Site config/Settings
    4. Website language as defined in the Web.config