Setting Counters

Setting Counters

Sitecore Counters

  • The Sitecore installer automatically installs Sitecore counters
  • Counters can be installed separately when performing manual installations

Counter Configuration Settings

  • Counters.Enabled indicates if performance counters are enabled. Setting this to “false” stops the application from updating Sitecore performance counters.
  • Counters.InstanceName indicates the counter instance name that will be used when updating and reading Sitecore-specific counters. This setting must be changed if you plan to monitor Sitecore-specific counters while running multiple Sitecore web applications on a single server.
  • Counters.ResetOnStartup indicates if performance counters instances will reset their values to 0 on application restarts.

Configuration Settings



<setting name="Counters.InstanceName" value="Default"/>

<setting name="Counters.Enabled" value="true"/>

<setting name="Counters.ResetOnStartup" value="true"/>