Empty Keywords

Empty Keywords

Keyword 'Not Provided'

  • Shows up in Sitecore Engagement Analytics when a user who performs a search is logged in to Google
  • Users signed in to Google services are redirected to a Google Secure Search site to perform searches
    • Search queries are encrypted by Google Secure Search
  • Searches that lead to clicks in organic search results do not pass the search query string via the referrer
    • The organic click is identified as coming from Google
    • The organic click is identified as "organic" but does not display the query string
    • The organic click is identified under the token "not provided" within Organic Search Traffic Keyword reporting
  • Search term referrer data is only passed to advertisers who use the Google pay-per-click product
  • Secure site searches that lead to clicks via search ads still provide the search term

HTTPS Everywhere 

  • A Firefox and Chrome extension that encrypts communications with many major websites
  • Causes these browsers to use https connections instead of http connections when they are available
  • Google supports https: as well as http: on their regular web site