MaxMind Settings

MaxMind Settings

MaxMind Web Services

  • A reverse DNS lookup provider with a special app for Sitecore
  • Configuration settings are contained in the Sitecore.Analytics.config file
  • Sitecore comes with a number of free lookups for initial use of the Customer Engagement Platform
  • Lookups are done asynchronously so GeoIP data will not be displayed immediately when there is a delay connecting with the MaxMind web service
  • Lookups are not performed for returning visitors because GeoIP data is stored in the Analytics database

MaxMind Paid Lookups


  • Specifies the Uniform Resource Locator of the MaxMind web service
  • The default URL is{0}&l={1}
    • {0} is the resolved IP address
    • {1} is your Sitecore license ID + MaxMind.SecurityToken 8 security digits
  • Do not change the value of MaxMind.URL when purchasing lookups


  • Specifies the security token to use with MaxMind
  • Default value is 00000000 (eight zeros)
  • It is recommended that you change the default after purchasing lookups
  • Only change MaxMind.SecurityToken value when replacing the default with other values

MaxMind Configuration Settings

  • MaxMind.Encoding specifies the type of encoding used in the return from MaxMind
  • MaxMind.Format specifies the sequence of fields returned from MaxMind

MaxMind Guidelines

  • Make sure that you bought the lookups for the same License ID that you are using in your Sitecore solution
  • Use the default MaxMind service URL and Security Token that is set at the MaxMind site of your account