Goals Configuration

Goals Configuration


  • Goals with defined Engagement Value Points are used to measure the aggregate value of conversions 
  • This is useful for determining the Relevance of a specific inbound channel of your website visitors
  • Every time a visitor loads a page that has a goal or page event associated with it, they are assigned the engagement value points for that goal or event

Types of Goals

  • Transactional Goals occur when a visitor takes some action, like filling out and submitting a form
  • Referential Goals occur when a visitor views a particular resource, such as a Contact Us page
  • Process Goals occur when a visitor completes a sequence or funnel, such as a shopping cart wizard

Marketing Center Goals Functionality

  • Create and manage Goal definition items
  • Create and manage Profile and Profile key definition items
  • Create and manage online campaigns and offline campaigns
  • Create and manage multivariate tests and multivariate test variables
  • Create and manage conditional rendering rules

Content Editor Goals Functionality

  • Associate goals with content items
  • Associate campaigns with content items
  • Assign events to content items
  • Associate campaign events with a landing page
  • Assign failure actions to content items

Goals Assignment Guidelines

  • Create an internal Engagement Value Scale to define the value of various goals
  • Use Transactional goals to assign Engagement Value, instead of Referential or Process goals