Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate Testing

  • Used to determine which creative variation produces the biggest improvement in conversions
  • Used when more than one component of a website is tested in a live environment
  • Allows website visitors to vote with their clicks for which content they prefer
  • Page Tagging is the use of JavaScript to inject content variants and monitor responses

Multivariate Tests

  • Consist of a multivariate test definition item containing one or more multivariate test variables
  • Specifies a strategy for the system to select which of the multivariate test variables to apply as the data source for the rendering
  • Layout details allow the user to select a multivariate test to apply to each presentation control

Multivariate Test Variables

  • A variable is used to represent the web content to be tested
  • Specify an item to apply as the data source of the presentation control when the system applies that variable
  • The item must exist in the Content Tree prior to creating the variable
  • There must always be at least two test variables

Multivariate Test Strategies

  • The random strategy changes the test variable for each page request
  • The sticky strategy applies a random multivariate test variable with its first use and then  maintains that data source if the user requests the same page again during the user session
  • The sticky strategy is generally recommended

Sitecore 6.5 Page Editor Use

  • A convenient and flexible tool for setting up multivariate tests
  • Use existing Sitecore content for the test
  • Use the cloning functionality to create new variations that you want to test
  • Run the multivariate test from the Page Editor

Multivariate Test Guidelines

  • Set the DataSource attribute on WebServer controls or with the appropriate code in Sublayouts to facilitate multivariant testing