Condition Parameters

Condition Parameters

Required Condition Parameters

  • The name of the property that the parameter sets in the .NET class that implements the condition
  • The name of an item that exist beneath /Sitecore/System/Settings/Rules/Common/Macros
    • This item provides predefined functionality
    • “Tree”, for example, invokes the Select an Item dialog, the user interface for selecting an item from the content tree with a Tree control
  • URL parameters to the user interface activated by the macro specified by the previous parameter, or an empty string
    • For example, to specify the /Sitecore/Content/Home item as the root for a selection tree, enter root=/sitecore/content/home
  • If the user has not specified a value for the parameter, display the given text

Condition Parameters Format

  • [itemid,Tree,root=/sitecore/content/home,specific]
  • Each created condition must contain the four parameters in order