Multi-touch Marketing

Multi-touch Marketing

Sales Lead

  • The identification of a person or entity that has the interest and authority to purchase a product or service
  • Generic leads that represent the first step in a sales process
  • Can originate from lead generation processes
    • Trade shows
    • Direct marketing
    • Advertising
    • Internet marketing
    • Contests and Gimmicks
  • Can originate from prospecting activities
    • Cold calling
    • Surveys


  • The points of contact that customers, non-customers, and employees have with a product, service or brand before, during and after a transaction
  • The series of customer interactions from email, web and other media, which are part of a marketing campaign

Sales Prospect

  • A sales lead whose qualification as a potential or likely customer has been successfully performed and evaluated based on defined criteria
    • Product applicability
    • Availability of funding
    • Time frame for purchase
  • The entry point of a sales funnel pipeline on a web site or other online marketing effort

Multi-touch Marketing

  • Making a coordinated effort to contact people multiple times using multiple methods of communication in order to generate leads and prospects
    • Optimized Content Management System (CMS) web site
    • Social networking
    • Email Campaigns
    • Follow up phone calls
    • Voicemails
    • Direct mail
    • Text messages
    • Web analytics
    • Google AdWords

Sitecore Multi-touch Marketing Support

  • Engagement Analytics is used to understand campaign and site performance to improve conversion rates and generate more qualified leads
  • Email Marketing is used to create relevant email campaigns that attract more visitors to a site
  • Engagement Automation is used to personalize conversations with site visitors based on previous visitor interactions and history
  • Sales Intelligence is used to give sales immediate notification of qualified leads and improved customer knowledge so they can engage more meaningfully and close more deals