Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank

Alexa Internet, Inc.

  • A subsidiary of that provides commercial web traffic data
  • Provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million website as of 2014

Alexa Traffic Rank

  • Based on tracking information of Alexa Toolbar users
  • The page is only ranked among users who have Alexa toolbars installed
  • Ranking is biased if a specific site's audience is reluctant to install the Alexa toolbar
  • The rank is based on three month's data and takes a long time to reflect changes in content

Alexa Site and Competitor Info

  • Available for free at
  • The Alexa Traffic Rank shows how popular a named site is compared to yours
  • Search Analytics shows which terms your competition is using to get traffic
  • The Audience data shows what kind of visitors your competition is attracting
  • The Clickstream data shows where your competition is getting traffic from affiliate programs and partners