Sitecore SEO

Sitecore SEO

Sitecore Search Engine Optimization

Sitecore Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

  • A paid Sitecore module that you can download from the Sitecore Developer Network
  • Used to analyze and optimize content for higher organic search rankings
  • Helps administrators improve the rank of the pages on their website
  • Can be displayed from within several Sitecore UI tools
    • Content Editor
    • Page Editor
    • Sitecore Desktop
  • Analyzes editable content on the page instead of published content so you can optimize the content before you publish it
  • Configuration settings are located in \App_Config\Include\SEOToolkit.config

Sitecore Marketplace Shared Source Modules for SEO

  • SEO-Friendly URL Module adds a custom LinkProvider and ItemResolver to provide SEO-friendly URL's for Sitecore items
  • Dead URLs Module performs an automatic redirect from the old URL to the new one when a page is moved or renamed
  • Jungle Torch is a tool for SEO reporting, social network analysis and inbound marketing
    • This connector brings the power of Jungle Torch to Sitecore
    • Jungle Torch is discussed in a Sitecore blog written by the Senior VP Product Marketing