Form Designer

Form Designer

Sitecore Form Designer

  • Used to design and edit forms in Web Forms for Marketers
  • Create the form sections and fields in the right pane
  • Configure the parameters for the sections, fields, and the Submit button in the left pane
  • The Submit button is disabled once it is clicked to avoid double clicking, and re-submission

Form Designer Fields

  • The set of fields that defines the look and purpose of a form
  • Each field to be displayed on a form contains certain configurable fields itself
    • Title is the name of the field and the label generated for the field
    • Type identifies whether the field contains simple text, a date, a list, etc
    • Required is a check box that specifies whether the field cannot be left blank
    • Delete button is used to remove a field from a form

Form Designer Field Sections

  • Used to group fields that are displayed on the form
  • Click Add Section to create a new section
  • A form can consist of fields that are not grouped into sections

Form Designer Field Properties

  • Appearance section contains default value, help text and CSS class
  • Validation contains validation type, expression, the minimum and maximum number of symbols
  • Analytics contains the Tag check box to include the field data in the of Sitecore Engagement Analytics (SEA) Session Reports
  • Rules define the behavior of the selected web form field

Form Designer List Fields

  • Used to display a list of selectable items on a form
  • Lists can be generated using a variety of methods
    • Manually created list items
    • Selecting a list of Sitecore items
    • Using XPath query
    • Using a Sitecore query
    • Using a Fast query

Manually Created List Fields

  • List fields can have both a value and text
  • The value is stored in the database and used for statistics
  • The value can also be displayed on the form
  • Text fields are used when you want to display text on the form that is different from the value
  • Click 'Display a different text on the form' checkbox to display the Text field

Form Designer Submit Button

  • Button is disabled once it is clicked to avoid double clicking, and data re-submission
  • Button Name is the text that will be displayed on the form
  • Form Verification is the list of verifications to be performed when the submit button is clicked
  • Save Actions is the list of save actions to be performed when all form verification actions are done
  • Success is the message or page that is displayed after all form verifications and save actions are completed