Combining Sites

Combining Sites

Business Requirements

  • Get all the business requirements at the start of the project
  • Create a CMS Implementation Timeline

Project Scope

  • Constrain initial project scope
  • Implement a pilot project to limit the functionality initially deployed
  • Move the more complex issues to post-release activities
  • Implement a centralized CMS authoring model for the initial release
  • If needed, implement decentralized CMS authoring using a staged migration after the initial 'go-live'

Information Architecture

  • Identify all of the stakeholders and include them in the project planning
  • Use an experienced agency to review the IA
  • Focus on a user-centered design to ensure user needs get met
  • Design the site to be intuitive and easy to use
  • Perform a usability test on the final site before the project launch

Risk Management

  • Perform a risk assessment that identifies and documents risk areas
  • Recognize that each aspect of a CMS implementation involves a different level of risk
  • Develop a risk avoidance and risk mitigation plan
  • Select a CMS product that is appropriate for the business requirements 'off the shelf'
  • Minimize custom development


  • Determine the document management, records management, database systems and other internal information management systems that need to be integrated with the CMS
  • Create policies to transform and normalize data so information management systems can be integrated with the CMS
  • Consider the opportunity to migrate the CMS to a new site infrastructure
  • Develop internal capabilities and knowledge

Content Audit

  • Perform an audit that includes all pages of the existing sites
  • Verify all existing content has an owner
  • Indicate whether pages are to be migrated, revised or deleted
  • Specify where each page is to be placed in the new site structure
  • Identify content that can be immediately removed from the site
  • Identify pages that are out-of-date or difficult to understand
  • Rewrite remaining content as needed
  • Address content issues before migrating the content