Field Data

Field Data


  • Sub-units of content contained within an item
  • Organized by Template Sections
  • Have specific controls for entering and editing data
  • Are often inherited by a template from base templates

Field Types

  • The controls provided in the Content Editor and Page Editor for displaying the value(s) stored in the field and editing the field
  • Determine the format of how values from the field are stored in the database, such as raw, xml encoded, etc.
  • Determine the Sitecore API classes available to developers for extracting the field values and rendering them
  • Determine the Sitecore Web Control used as declarative markup to display and edit the field value on the page

Sitecore Field Type Categories

  • Analytics
  • Simple Types
  • List Types
  • Link Types
  • Developer Types
  • System Types
  • Deprecated Types

Field Header

  • The area above a field in the Content Editor that provides contextual information and field commands for editing the field

Sitecore Field Data Guidelines

  • Do not reuse a field name within the same data template, even if the fields exist in different sections
  • Avoid having two fields with the same name in the inheritance chain
  • Use the Help option in the field definition item to provide extra information to users about the field
  • Use the Title field in the field definition item to display a different name for the field to the business user or to configure two fields with the same apparent name in different sections