Standard Values

Standard Values

Standard Values

  • Displayed as a child item of a data template; there can only be one for a given template
  • Content items with a null field value automatically inherit the field value from the standard values at time of item creation
  • Resetting the values of a field makes an item’s specific field null again so it can inherit static values assigned to the field in Standard Values

Standard Values Default Settings

  • Insert Options
  • Presentation Layout Details
  • Workflows

Standard Values Default Values 

  • Static default values, which is text that is populated in item fields whenever they are set to null
  • Dynamic default values using tokens, such as $name, that are replaced at time of item creation

Standard Values Guidelines

  • Set layout details, initial workflow, and insert options on the template standard values whenever possible
  • Define layout details, initial workflow, and insert options on individual items only when a standard values setting already exists and you need to implement an override or exception for the item