Workbox Tool

Workbox Tool

Workbox Fundamentals

  • Tool to manage items in a workflow
  • Shows all the items that are in workflow states
  • Commands can be appied to items in any workflow state
  • Accessible from Content Editor Application tabs in bottom left corner
  • Accessible from Sitecore Start Menu in Sitecore Desktop
  • Provides access to workflows, workflow states, and items currently in workflows

Workbox Access

  • A user must have Write access to an item in order to see the item in the Workbox
  • A user may not have Write access if the item is currently locked by another user
  • A user who has read access to a workflow state can see that state in the workbox as long as the state includes workflow commands for which the user has Command Execute access rights

Workbox Options

  • Select the workflows to view
  • Expand a workflow state to see the  items currently in that state
  • Preview an item that is in a workflow state
  • Open a workflow item in Content Editor
  • View the changes made to a workflow item
  • Apply a workflow command to one or all of the items in a workflow state
  • Read the comments assigned to an item as it moved through its workflow
  • Subscribe to a workflow or workflow state using RSS