Sitecore Configuration

Sitecore Configuration

Show Configuration File Information

  • Use http://<your domain name>/sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx to view all Sitecore configuration settings
    • You may need to enable anonymous access to the /sitecore/admin folder from within IIS if the page does not display
    • Normally you should set IP address restrictions on /sitecore/admin, /sitecore/logon and /sitecore/shell to limit access to authorized admins
  • Shows merged web.config and included config files in one configuration display
    • All config files in /App_Config folder that contain an include directive in web.config
    • All config files in /App_Config/Include folder
    • All config files in subfolders of /App_Config/Include folder
  • ShowConfig files on Sitecore 7.0 and later indicate points where the settings are merged from config files
    • Correct patch syntax is required before merge points are indicated in the showconfig display
    • Use Sitecore-provided config files in /App_Config/Include folder for guidance on correct patch syntax

Show Configuration File Usage

  • Use showconfig.aspx to verify configuration settings in custom config files and patch files are taking effect
  • Use showconfig.aspx to troubleshoot when configuration settings in custom config files and patch files are not taking effect
    • Config files may not be well formed xml
    • Config files can be well formed xml and still not work because the patch syntax is not correct
  • Multiple config files can contain settings that update the same configuration element
    • Alphabetical names of config files can determine precedence when two files contain different values for the same setting
    • Settings from config files that come later alphabetically override settings in earlier config files
    • Config files in subfolders of /App_Config/Include are treated the same as config files in the /App_Config/Include folder
  • Using ShowConfig.aspx to troubleshoot has become easier since the release of Sitecore 7.0 on May 21, 2013
    • The /sitecore/admin/ShowConfig.aspx page now indicates which include file a setting comes from by listing a patch:source attribute on settings
    • The patch:source attribute is displayed where one or more values have been added or modified by an include file
    • The patch:source attribute only indicates the name of the last include file that applied changes to a setting when more than one include file modifies the same value on a setting