Sitecore Logging

Sitecore Logging

Sitecore Logs

  • Sitecore uses Log4Net to create log files
    • A separate log file is created for each day
    • A new log is created when restarts, package installs, or other significant events occur
    • Log file names are configurable under the Log4Net element in web.config
    • Set the priority flag to indicate the level of logging that is required
  • Use the Log Viewer in the Reporting Tools section of the Sitecore Start Menu to view and download log files from the server
  • Append log files when submitting tickets to Sitecore Support

Log File Diagnostic Levels

  • INFO
  • WARN


  • A port of the Apache Log4j to the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Similar to the original log4j while taking advantage of new features in the .NET runtime
  • The initial work was done by Neoworks and then donated to the Apache Software Foundation in 2004