Stale Versions

Stale Versions

How to detect and handle stale versions of Sitecore items

  • Behavior: There is slow performance in the Sitecore UI for those items with large numbers of versions
  • Issue: No content item should have more than 8-12 numeric versions, if possible
  • Solution: Prune old versions of content using a scheduled task. This means to move old versions to the archive or recycle bin tables in Sitecore.  This can be automated with the Sitecore shared-source Version Manager module.

Sitecore Version Manager Module

  • Free shared-source module available on Sitecore Marketplace
  • Installs the Version Manager app in the All applications portion of the Sitecore Start Menu
  • App lists all items in all languages that have more than the predefined number of versions in the config file
  • Allows admins to clean up excess versions manually
  • Automatic cleanup for old versions in excess of the threshold can be configured in config file