SQL Server Support

SQL Server Support

SQL Server Support

  • For better performance, use SQL Server 2008 instead of SQL Server 2005, or SQL 2008 Express instead of SQL 2005 Express

Guidelines for Monitoring SQL Server Counters for Sitecore

  • SQL servers should be periodically tuned for performance
  • Use the Performance Monitor tool to review the following SQL performance counters

MSSQL Access Methods Object Critical Counters

  • Page Splits/sec displays the number of page splits per second that occur as a result of overflowing index pages
    • An index or data page can become split across multiple pages when it becomes full
    • Page splitting can cause excessive I/O
    • An increased fill factor helps to reduce page splits because there is more room in data pages before it fills up and a page split has to occur

MSSQL Buffer Manager Object Critical Counters

  • Buffer Cache Hit Ratio displays the percentage of pages that were found in the buffer pool without having to incur a read from disk

MSSQL SQL Statistics Object Critical Counters

  • Batch Requests/Sec displays the number of SQL batch requests received by the server
    • Indicates how busy the server’s CPUs are
    • Over 1000 batch requests per second usually indicates a busy SQL Server
  • SQL Compilations/Sec displays the number of SQL compilations of Transact-SQL code
    • Over 100 compilations per second indicates possible unnecessary compilation overhead