Managing Roles

Managing Roles


  • Are containers for assigning access rights to groups of user accounts
  • Contain a set of access rights to items in the Content Tree as well as permissions to use Sitecore tools
  • Determine the access rights assigned to users
  • Cannot be renamed after they are created and assigned a name

Role Members

  • Roles can contain both user accounts and other roles as members
  • Roles can have any number of members

Nested Roles

  • A Target Role is a role that contains other roles as members
  • A Nested Role is a role that is a member of another role

Roles in Domains

  • Roles are generally assigned to the Sitecore domain so that they are available to all domains
  • Roles must contain a unique name within their domain
  • Roles cannot be moved to another security domain after they are created and assigned to a domain

Role Access Rights

  • Access rights assigned to roles apply to all user accounts that are members of that role
  • Sitecore Client Roles control access to the client tools
  • Content Roles control access to the content items

Creating Roles

  • Sitecore provides a number of predefined roles
  • Additional roles can be created and assigned permissions to meet the needs of your organization