Graded Support

Graded Support

Graded Browser Support

  • An approach for testing sites against the most commonly shared core browser engines
  • Allows front-end developers to cross-check work across a finite set of browsers
  • The goal is to test the site against the smallest possible subset of browser/platform combinations
  • Designed to provide guidance for QA teams on how best to use their limited testing resources

Browser Test Baseline

  • Provides a baseline set of browsers that should be tested
  • Designed to maximize coverage with limited testing resources 

How to Grade Browsers

  • Conduct an inventory of the technology planned or used on your site
    • CSS and Flash
    • JavaScript and Ajax
    • Audio, video and downloadable media
  • Prioritize the list to identify all critical technologies for displaying content on the page
  • Create alternate methods of viewing critical content when possible, such as alt text
  • Start grading browsers and browser versions
    • Assign an "A" to those browsers that support all your critical technologies
    • Assign a "B" to those browser that support most of the critical technologies
    • Assign remaining grades based on the browser support for critical technologies
  • Set up your site to degrade gracefully through the use of alternate viewing methods