Analytics Reports

Analytics Reports

Sitecore Engagement Analytics Reports

  • Reports can be viewed in Engagement Analytics or on individual content items
  • Use Sitecore or the Stimulsoft Report Designer to create custom reports

Sitecore Engagement Analytics Reports Terminology

  • A visitor is a person that makes one or more visits to a website
  • A visit consists of all the actions a visitor takes from the time they enter a website until they leave
  • A page event is an action associated with a webpage that is triggered by a visitor or automatically

Sitecore Engagement Analytics Pre-defined Reports

  • Recent Visits
  • Sales Leads
  • Site Health
  • Visitor Searches
  • Page Goals and Events
  • Top External Keywords
  • Top Traffic Sources

Visit Detail (Session) Report

  • Visitor - Visitor company or organization
  • Location - Visitor country and city of origin (based on IP address)
  • Business Name - Business name of website address
  • Company - Company name
  • Referred From - Web site where search originated
  • Search Term - Search engine, search term used to find the website
  • ISP - Name of Internet Service Provider
  • Visit Value - Total value accumulated during this visit
  • Visit # of Total - The number of the visit in relation to the total number of visits
  • Visit Pages - The number of pages viewed on the site during this visit
  • Visit Duration - Amount of time the visitor spent on this page
  • Profile values - Charts displaying profile scores for each profile key accumulated during this visit
  • Date/time - Date stamp of visit
  • # - Sequential number of visit
  • Duration - The amount of time spent on this specific page during the visit
  • Page - All the web pages viewed during this site visit and hyperlinks that link back to the actual web pages. Each URL on the list has a timing associated with it

Latest Visits Report

  • Identifies recent visitors
  • Helpful in identifying visitors who show an increased interest in your website
  • These visitors may soon demonstrate a higher degree of commitment to and engagement with your site