Engagement Value

Engagement Value

Engagement Analytics

  • Measures the value and marketing effectiveness of your website over time
  • Measures how relevant your website is to visitors and their level of commitment
  • Measures quantity, quality, and the relationship between the two
    • Quantity is the sum total of what you know from web analytics today
    • Quality is the level of commitment achieved by your customers
  • Used to determine which part of the marketing mix creates the greatest impact

Engagement Value

  • Complex measures of quantity are clarified by a simple measure of quality
  • Indicates the level of commitment exhibited by your visitor
  • Indicates Relevance, which is your marketing effectiveness

Engagement Value Points (EVP)

  • The key to Engagement Analytics and increasing marketing effectiveness
  • The ratio between EVPs is important, but not the EVP numbers themselves
  • Set initial values and use analysis to validate and refine the values
  • Visitors accumulate points when they land on a page with a goal or page event
  • Points accumulate during a visit to contribute to an overall score
  • This score becomes the engagement value for that visit once the visitor has left the site

Engagement Value Points Example

  • 'Call Me' request = 20 points
  • 'Brochure Download' = 1 point
  • One 'Call Me' request is worth twenty brochure downloads

Engagement Analytics Components

  • Communication is the two-way exchange of information
  • Trust is revealing some confidential information
  • Commitment is an indication that the visitor has serious intent
  • Relevance is the relationship between quality and quantity

Engagement Value Calculation

  • Calculate all the resources a visitor consumes during one or multiple visits
  • Resources can include goals, campaigns, submitted forms, etc.
  • Allocate a numeric value for each resource using the Points field
  • Only apply points to pages that require commitment from a visitor