Engagement Plans

Engagement Plans

Customer Engagement Plans

  • Used to control some of the ways that a web site interacts and communicates with visitors
  • Framework for the execution of automatic actions to be performed under specific conditions
  • Used to manage how a site responds when visitors access certain pages and/or fulfill certain goals
  • Used to evaluate the number of Engagement Value Points that a visitor has achieved to determine what action should be taken

Engagement Plan Configuration

  • Consists of a string of states, conditions, and actions that represent the logical sequence of the plan
  • Are subject to a workflow
  • You must deploy an engagement plan before you can test it or use it on your website

Engagement Plan States

  • Visitor behavior can place them in states defined for site visitors
  • A visitor may be added to a state when they complete a goal or conversion
  • Sitecore can evaluate whether visitors in a particular state meet other conditions

Engagement Plan Conditions

  • You must specify what conditions must be met before certain actions are performed
  • When a visitor meets a condition, they can be moved to another state or back to the original state
  • When a visitor doesn't meet a condition, they can be evaluated by another condition or remain in the original state

Engagement Plan Actions

  • Predefined actions can be performed depending on which conditions are met