Broken Links

Broken Links

Broken Internal Links

  • A reference to an item in the Sitecore Content Tree that does not exist
  • Validation Bar indicates when broken links exist for an item
  • Quick Action Bar can be set to indicate when items contain broken links
  • Sitecore displays a warning when an item with broken links is saved

How Broken Links Can Occur

  • Items are deleted
  • Items are renamed
  • Field values are changed

Broken Links Dialog

  • Used to warn users when they are performing an action that will result in broken links
  • Appears when a user deletes an item that has items pointing to it
  • Displays the following options
    • Remove Links
    • Link to Another Item
    • Leave Links

Broken Links Report

  • Displays a list of all of the broken links in your site
  • Does not report on external links
  • Tool is located in the Reporting Tools section of the Sitecore Start Menu

Fixing Broken Links

  • Run the Broken Links Report to locate broken Sitecore links
  • Select Rebuild Links Database after running report
  • Rerun report to verify system was able to repair/remove broken links
  • Click an item in the report to view it in the Content Editor
  • Enter a valid item reference in the specified field to fix the problem
    • Change the value of the field containing the broken link
    • Delete the item that contains the broken link